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Pinkie PieEdit

Pinkie Pie is an Earth pony with a pink coat and a dark almost strawberry colored  pink mane. Pinkie represents the Element of Laughter. Her cutie mark is two blue balloons with on yellow balloon. She loves throwing parties, making new friends,and making her friends smile.Pinkie Pie has a special talent, which she calls her " Pinkie Sense", which allows her to predict the future( well the immediate future) through various body movements.Pinkie lives in SugarCube Corner,which is run by Mr. and Mrs. Cake.  

Pinkie Pie has two sisters(which are seen in Cutie Mark Chronicles). When she was a filly(before her cutie mark ) Pinkie worked on a rock farm with her family. 

Pinkie Pie proves to be a very energetic pony with a generous sense of humor. She loves to play friendly jokes on everypony but doesn't go beyond a point's boundary.  

When Twilight Sparkle meets Pinkie Pie in Equestria Girls Pinkie Pie is the head of the Partyarty Planning Committee at Canterlot High.

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