Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash 

Rainbow Dash is a Pegasus pony from Cloudsdale.She is in charge of the weather in Ponyville.Rainbow has a sky blue coat and a rainbow colored mane. Her cutie Mark is a cloud with rainbow lightning bolt coming out of it.Her dream to become a Wonderbolt, or even better captain of the Wonderbolts. In one episode we see her going to The Wonderbolts Academy where she meets Lightning Dust. In the beginning it seems that the two are getting along but when Rainbow is made the wing pony and Lightning Dust was the lead pony Lightning Dust proved to be a very reckless pony who was selfish as she often boasts in front of the other students.  

In "Games Ponies Play" Rainbow has a flashback and we see her as a filly on a mares head which most assume is her dad. We also see in Cutie Mark Chronicles Rainbow Dash's first Sonic Rainboom. In that same episode as Fluttershy recalls how she got her cutie mark,she describes how Rainbow Dash stood up to the bullies that were bullying Fluttershy.

  Rainbow Dash is known for her confidence,mischievousness, and loyalty. She represents the Element of Loyalty. Rainbow is a fast,agile,Pegasus. Her biggest pet peeve? Slowepokes. 

   In the movie Equestria Girls, Pinkie Pie informs us that Rainbow is the captain of like every sports team at Canterlot High. She challenges Twilight to a game of "one on one" when they first meet. 

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